Monday, December 10, 2007

Camping with Pops and Mimi

Hot off the press! Pictures from the camping trip to Lake Meridian. Pops and Mimi brought their pop-up camper and took the boys camping for the weekend. They built fires, went on hikes, and even caught a few fish! The following are photographic highlights for your viewing pleasure.

I like this one because it makes me look ripped.
It's an optical illusion of course, no Photoshop tricksies.

To the bat cave!

Imagine everyone's surprise when, after an evening of ghost stories,
this scary image rose up out of the campfire!

Pops' high-tech goggles allow him to see the secret path through the emerald jungle.

D caught a rare feathered crawfish but had to throw it back
on account of it being endangered.

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