Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Today we set a new record for the dirtiest dog in the history of the universe.

On our second day of vacation in Galveston we went to the beach with the boys and the dog. The weather was nice, although the water was a little cool, being January. We had the entire beach to ourselves and we let Maggie the dog run free like the wild thing she is. Her inner gazelle came out and she ran up and down the beach chasing sea gulls.

The beach is reached from the clubhouse via this gigantic boardwalk. It was seriously about 40 miles long. Maggie, in fact, had to stop and poop in the middle of it. Just like in the Rogers building at work. Bad doggie.

Jono was wearing a turtle neck with his swim trunks. He had a blast but had to retreat to the hot tub a couple of times to warm up.

David stood in one place for a while until he sunk into the sand. Then he couldn't get those size 16's back out!

"What are you lookin' at, hooman?"

She didn't catch any gulls, but she did have a blast. We all did. I'm so glad we pushed through and came here. It's been a great time of family closeness.