Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kitten Christmas Reunion (Feline Felis Navidad)

Remember that Gracie, our adopted-off-the-street-and-then-found-out-she-was-pregnant cat had five little kittens a couple of months ago. We kept one kitten, Henry, and gave away the other four, in pairs, to two friends. Well, said friends have gone out of town for Christmas and we are cat sitting all of them. Orangehouse has become a kitten madhouse. I took this picture a few minutes ago while writing my last entry. She was sleeping on the computer table while I worked.

Cat and Mouse

Last night we had the kittens jumping after toys; it was truly hilarious! We shot this mediocre quality video and uploaded it to YouTube today. It was my first YouTube upload and now I feel like a real power-user. I am numb with techno-savy.

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