Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yard Day at Orangehouse Ends with Campfire

It was a family effort, but we finally completed tearing down the shed in the backyard. We salvaged some treated lumber to recycle into a tree house for the boys and hauled a lot to the curb for trash pick up. The weather was so nice that we set up a table, grilled hamburgers, and ate on the back porch. Then we decided to build a campfire right on the dirt patch where the shed used to stand. We pulled the patio furniture over by the fire and made more chairs out of big logs. The fire was so hot our shins were burning, and when we made smores we had to wear oven mitts so our hands could withstand the heat. As a finale to the day, D popped a pan of Jiffy-Pop popcorn over the fire. It was a great family day.

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care020 said...

It appears you had a wonderful time! What a great memory to add to your '07 holiday recollections!