Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kenya All Just Get Along?

In case you aren't up to speed on East African news, there is trouble in Kenya, the country considered to be the most stable of the entire region. The recent presidential election was very close and violence has broken out over much of the country, especially in slums. I won't try to be an amateur reporter on the subject, instead I will provide links to some stories I have read.
This is very troubling news to me personally. I have made friends from both Kikuyu and Luo tribes, the two that are now fighting each other. I can't tell the difference between them. I have also seen tribal loyalties influence business decisions in a way that was frustrating to my partners from the U.S., no, more than frustrating, it seemed ridiculous. This captures how I feel now. I am upset and saddened by the violence. I am worried for the vulnerable and for the entire region. I am even embarrassed for a people I have grown to love, and yet, now are reflecting the worst side of mankind. It illustrates that every culture, like every person, has dark sides in need of redemption. Please pray for peace in Kenya.
The following photo was taken in Kitale, western Kenya. It was taken at a church on a Sunday morning as we waited for services to start. Nathan runs a ministry called Circle of Light that deploys cooking and lighting technology businesses in rural west Kenya. Kitale is not far from the city of Eldoret, where families fleeing the violence hid in a church and were burned to death by rioters this week.
With friend Nathan Chesang visiting church in Kitale, Kenya, 2005.
(photo credit Sarah Gibson)

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