Monday, January 7, 2008

Marrow Donation Part 4

I am in Dallas tonight, staying at the Hotel Indigo. It's hip and swanky. M and I are enjoying some date time and just finished a great dinner of crab cakes and steak. Tomorrow I get hooked up to the machine that pulls the stem cells out of my blood stream. I have had some headaches and backaches from the shots and a little fatigue. But other than that it has been relatively painless. In celebration, I have decided to write a Marrow Donation Haiku:

A dude has cancer
Shots make my bone marrow ache
It's good blog fodder

What do you think? Is it a masterpiece? Please post your own Haiku about bone marrow, cancer, blogging, or what ever you want. Or, if you prefer, write me a limerick instead. I'm bilingual.

1 comment:

Peas on Earth said...

My haiku:

Your donation rocks!
I wish more people'd register.
I wish I'd get called!!

(yep, I'm in the registry too! Been contacted once as a preliminary match, but turned out to be a no-go.)