Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pinewood Derby Day

Today was our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and no day at Nascar was ever louder or more exciting! OK, I exaggerate a bit. But it was great anyway.

Unfortunately, the boys' cars weren't very fast this year, but I have some clips of their races. Here's one of D's races. His car was a multicolored rainbow hippie car with peace signs down the middle.

Jono's car was a rocket-looking thing with red rectangles on a wood grain finish. A large black star was on the front and the whole car had a clear coat finish.

It was hard for me to see their disappointed faces when they lost their races. I feared that it might discourage them away from scouting or that it might wound their ability to hope. I know this seems like an overreaction, but that is the thought that went through my mind. And yet, I don't want them to be too concerned about winning all the time either. I really do believe that winning is not everything, it's not even that important at all. People that have to win all the time have issues. I feel a poem coming on...

High strung type A personality
All his e-vents he had to winner be
Quarterback, heart attack, CEO is he
Early death in-different family.

Wow. That was dark. I surprised myself with the vindictive vehemence that was flowing out of me as I wrote that. Maybe I'm the one with issues.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you guys would have beaten the block of wood.