Saturday, March 29, 2008

Honduras Team Meeting

M and I met with our engineering students today to discuss what to expect in Honduras, culturally speaking. I think we all found it encouraging and envisioning. I think we're ready to get on a plane tomorrow.

We met a man who is from La Ceiba, the city in which we intend to live. He said he can connect us with a good realtor to find a house with air conditioning and everything. M spent a while talking with him and now she feels much more confident about the whole endeavor.
I am excited to bring my family and to be staying for a longer time than I ever have before. All of my previous trips to developing countries have been 1-3 weeks, but this time it will be 7 weeks. The students will fly in and out on 2 week "shifts", though a few will be doing more than one shift. I think we have a good group this year. They're in it for love. They're in it to give, not to receive. I'm impressed.

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