Thursday, April 17, 2008

Canoe Canoe?

Despite the unrest of The M leaving town, we are going camping this weekend. Canoe camping, in fact. The boy scouts have a canoe trip weekend once a year and this weekend is it. Since The M is out of town, I will have to bring Jono with us. Since he is not a registered Boy Scout (he is a cub scout in a different pack) he is not covered by the scout insurance. This has created some problems and I have only tonight received the final word that he may come.

Although Jono won't be able to get in the water, he and I will hang out at the camp site, do some fishing, go hiking, and perhaps read books while the older boys go out in the canoes on Saturday. I'm glad we got this worked out, but there is still a lot more to do before we can leave.

D has been assigned the role of "grubmaster". At first I thought this meant he played the flute and coaxed grub worms out of the dirt or something. But apparently it means he plans the meals and is responsible for purchasing the groceries for the other boys. So after school tomorrow, we're headed to HEB, chop chop. No bugs please.

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