Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A New Blog Persona for my Wife

In order to try and protect our privacy from stalkers and the paparazzi, I have referred to our family by nicknames and abbreviations. My wife has been M, my oldest son D, and my youngest Jono. I refer to myself only as "The Middle-Aged Fat Guy".

I have decided that M needs a new name. Something with more snap. Here are some of the names under consideration:

"The M" like the guitar player for U2, "The Edge",
"Wife M"
"M Unit" or perhaps just "MU" for short.
"Mama" which is what she is often called around the Orangehouse anyway,
"Genvieve" because my grandmother always thought she reminded her of an old friend by that name,
"M-theory", short for "master theory", which is what physicists are now calling string theory with a view towards unification,
So what do you think? Shall we put it up to a vote? Give me some new ideas.


Redlefty said...

"The M" and "Mama" are my favorites listed. If I think of more I'll post them!

Thistlerose said...

hmm... my votes are for "The M" and "M-ster"...

Orangehouse said...

Well, since "The M" is the only name with more than one vote, and more importantly, it's the one I like best, we have a winner!

Henceforth, to the blogosphere anyway, my wife will be "The M".