Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wind Turbine Project Part 3

Students from the Engineers with a Mission PIT Crew (Project Implementation and Testing Crew) continue to move forward with our wind turbine project. These pictures are from work done on winding coils. They kobbled together a coil winding gizmo to help them with the many, many loops of wire that needed to be held tightly together.

Tayo is in charge of the alternator construction, and the first step is winding the coils. Tayo and Karen are shown taping the wound coils so they don't unwind. Sproing!

Eventually, these coils will be placed near rotating magnets in the turbine. The rapidly changing magnetic fields will induce electrons to course through the coils like blood through a beating heart. I couldn't "resist" posting a little edu-tainment video on magnetically induced currents.

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