Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wind Turbine Project Part 5

This is called the "stator". It's part of the alternator. It stays still so it's called the stator. Next to it we will place the "rotor" which, you guessed it, rotates. The rotor will contain very strong permanent magnets which, when moved passed the coils of copper wire shown here, will induce an electric current to flow in the coils. These currents are collected by the red wires and eventually brought to another device, the rectifier. More on that later.
These Tinker-Toy looking things are inserts that connect sections of our tower. Each end will be inserted into a steel pipe whose inner diameter is slightly larger than the outer diameter of these pipes. The guy wires will loop through the holes in the flanges.
Our machinist welded the flang plates to the pipes. The quality of the weld is much better than we could have done, though I wanted to try my hand at it. I have welded a little before, and it always comes out looking ugly. This is an anchor to secure the cables that guy the tower.

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