Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jono: Bean Farmer

Jono was studying plants in school, and he brought home a plastic cup full of dirt. A few days later, little sprouts broke the ground, so the cats promptly knocked it on the floor. We transplanted them into a pot on the front porch. They are growing like crazy, so I took a picture of Jono the bean farmer.
There is a nurturer in his personality. He is a protector and an encourager and loves little kids and animals. He can be strongly protective of his mother! For instance, he and D used to race to the car and say "Last one there is a rotten egg!" - well, actually that's what D said. Jono said "Last one there is a rockin' egg!" because he didn't really know what "rotten" meant. Anyway, one day The M (mom) was racing too. She came in last, but Jono declared her to not be the looser. He said "Mama is never a rockin' egg." He was watching out for her feelings, you see.

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