Wednesday, May 28, 2008

La Playa Peru

This afternoon I drove around a few neighborhoods looking for houses to rent. I have not made much progress and hope that when I meet up with Robin this afternoon, we can do better.
Robin is a missionary working with the deaf community hear in La Ceiba; we met through a mutual friend. She seems to know everyone in the city.

I have been told that the beach "Playa de Peru" is the best one around, so I drove out their today and took a few pictures. The M says she wants to go to the beach a lot this summer, so I wanted to find a nice one for her.

The beach was nearly empty of people, and was very clean. I didn't have to pay anything, in fact, there didn't seem to be anyone in charge. I took some photos.

I also took some pictures of some of the places I considered renting. The following is a nice two bedroom, but it didn't have any furniture, AC, or nada. It was cheap enough ($170/month) that we could afford to buy/rent some furniture, but there were only two bedrooms, and we really need four.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures babe. Keep them coming. It looks so beautiful. You are doing a great job for us!! We love you and miss you so much!!

The M