Monday, May 19, 2008

More Photos From the Weekend

I wasn't able to post these photos as part of the last post, so I'm doing it now. Think of it as "Extracurricular Pentacles 2.0". That's software humor, and will only be funny to a few of you. Who am I kidding? There ARE only a few of you.

In this picture, the guy on the left is not one of the Village People, but rather a member of the boy scout honor society, The Order of the Arrow. One of his duties/privileges is to take part in special ceremonies in the district. He was part of the special ceremony at Friday's pack meeting, complete with a campfire, ceremonial drums, and bows and arrows. Jono doesn't look happy, but he was just a little nervous being up in front of everybody.

After this, the mood lightened up a bit. They may have thrown something on the campfire, I'm not sure. This is Jono in his first ever cub scout skit. He's driving a race car, if you can't tell.

And someone snapped this shot of me while it was all going on. I must admit I was quite proud of my little guy, and filled with affection for him.

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