Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Long Road Home

I ran through the rain to the truck using the family's laminated table cloth as a poncho. The lost keys were found in the door of the truck, thankfully. At that time I started having, how should I say this, bowel trouble. Yeah. Let's leave it at that. The long ugly story made short is this: it was an eight hour drive home in the rain, stopping every couple of hours for me to find a restroom. One such restroom was behind a boulder, another was a five gallon bucket. You get the not-so-pretty picture.*

Of all my trips, I have never forgotten my stomach antibiotics, but I did this time. Thankfully, they are available without a prescription here, as are most drugs. I bought a round of Cipro and some prescription strength Ibuprofen for my back for less than $10 on Saturday. I slept most of Saturday and am feeling much better.

*I would share more, because some of the story is pretty hilarious, but some of my students read this blog, and I don't want to loose what respect they may have for me. It would make my job harder if every time I got up to give a lecture, they would all point and laugh. Oh wait, that happens anyway...

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