Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rock Climbing? Are You Kidding?

Jono's cub scout den had an event today. We all went to the Student Life Center at Baylor and climbed the rock wall. In truth, we were much too busy and over committed to go, but we paid weeks ago, and it was Jono's last time to do anything with scouts for a couple of months.

But I'm so glad we went! It was loads of fun. The whole family went, and the boys and I all climbed the rock wall. The M came along to cheer us on and take pictures, and we all went out to Dairy Queen for lunch afterwards. The other scouts and leaders had fun too.

Jono dons his harness and psyches himself up for his first climb.

It's hard to climb in Crocks, but they didn't have any shoes small enough for the littlest kids. It was also harder for the kids to reach the handholds, since they were spaced out with adults in mind.

Then it was my turn. The college girl who belayed me (held my rope) was probably only half my weight, but she was tied to the ground, so I felt safe. Do you see my calf muscle? I didn't know my leg would do that. Man, I'm ripped.

About four feet above my head is a cow bell. It's at the top of the tower and you get to ring it if you make it all the way (which I did, amazingly). To come down, you hold onto the rope with your hands and push away (repel) with your feet. The repelling part is fun, but I had to force myself to let go of the handles and hold onto the rope. That was the only time I felt fearful.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does what ever a spider can...

D's first climb only went up 10 or 15 feet, but on his second attempt he made it to the top! Then he went up a third time on a more difficult area. He made it to the top again!

I'm at the bottom watching, D's at the top climbing.

Time to repel down.

Since Jono wasn't enjoying the climbing as much as D and I, he went to play with a ping-pong ball in the racquetball court.
Time for a little ping-pong.

And here is the Christmas card picture, except The M was behind, not in front, of the camera. We can Photoshop her in later!

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