Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guest Blog: by David F.

What an adventure we had on Saturday! We drove out to Jungle River Lodge and took the opportunity to take a canopy tour through the jungles of Honduras. Who knew that flying over the river and through the jungle on a wire and pulley could be so much fun?

After putting on our harnesses and safety equipment and listening to a quick set of instructions, we were off flying over the river. After the first two zip-lines we hiked a little ways through the jungle where the guide showed multiple plants and animals and told us about some of their uses. A few of us even had a high protein snack; termites really do taste like wood. We then continued through the jungle going from tree-house to tree-house, dodging limbs on our way. The ninth and final zip-line was the longest and fastest, returning us from the jungle back across the river. Here is a video of our adventure.

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bluejay said...

This looks like a blast.