Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Hike

I don't want to repeat our day in the mud, so we have been considering other options. Ryan remembered that when he was here with me 18 months ago, someone told him that there was a "back way" to Pueblo Nuevo. Are you kidding me? A back way? Could the road be any more "backer"?

It's a foot path.

So The M is going to drive us to an easy drop off point in a village called Belaire, and then one of Micro Santos's sons is going to meet us...(dramatic pause)... at the suspension bridge! It cannot possibly be as cool in reality as it is in my mind right now. Humberto called it a hammock bridge, because it hangs like a hammock, presumably. I try not to think about how many times I have fallen out of a hammock.

We are bringing food, clothing, and hopefully some sort of bedding (still working on that part), and we intend to spend the night in the village and return tomorrow afternoon. This should give us enough work time to complete the Pueblo Nuevo upgrade.

Our intent is to improve our work-to-commute ratio, as it is too low as of late. I will let you know how it goes when we return... if we return (dramatic music).


Anonymous said...

:( no pictures?

Anonymous said...

How exciting! A hammock bridge. But no more videos of students jumping on the SUV? That had me laughing! We are waiting to hear how this trip went. By the way, have you seen the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy"? I recommend it!
Joy B

Teresa said...

FootBridge? How come we didn't know about this last year?! (haha)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting...and scary! My heart was racing just thinking about it. I'm a chicken. You wouldn't find me on any bridge that involves the word "hammock".

Your house is great, the yard looks good (you have an incredible lawn boy!), and the neighborhood is quiet. My daughter and the only other girl on the street are playing almost every day and my boys are just waiting for yours to come home.

Tell the M I miss seeing her....and you, too. : )

Peace to you, Carrie

Anonymous said...

We love the blog - keep it up. I hope you do not mind - but we took "M's" email to her friends and reproduced it for Yv's ladies discipleship group and they really were challenged by it. (Bev) a retired missionary to Latin America - really loved it.

Ryan's parnents
(Is there a royality fee?)