Monday, July 7, 2008

Miscellaneous Items About the Boys

At the restaurant we went to last night, they had a little swing set for the kids. Jono isn't shy at all about going over and playing with them. They began playing some game where he would make a crazy face and the others would laugh out loud.

The concrete wash basin in the corner is where we do our laundry. The big round log is where we put a bucket of rinse water. Yesterday I was washing and Jono came out to join me. He helped me wash the smaller items like socks and dishtowels. He is a hard worker!

D has been enjoying a book, Inkheart, by Cornelea Funke. The M is reading it at the same time, so they talk about the story together. "Oh I liked it when such and such happened!" He's a strong reader and I like to see him reading for fun. He also got an official-looking Honduras soccer team jersey and a matching soccer ball! He's very proud of it and has worn it every other day. He has been to the park to look for other kids to play with, but so far hasn't found any soccer buddies.

And today, Jono's tooth fell out. Now he "taks" funny.

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