Saturday, August 2, 2008

David's Birthday

My oldest son's name is not really D, it's David. I just call him D on the blog on account of stalkers, but I have decided to call him by his real name now.

Last Tuesday he turned 12! Although we had a party for him back in June (before we left for Honduras) we wanted to make his calendar birthday a nice one. So we let him ride out to Pueblo Nuevo in the SUV with us, and let him sit in the front seat to take in the view and the crazy road as we crossed rivers and climbed hills. Here is a photo taken along that road at a scenic point. Fortunately, it had been dry for a few days so we didn't have any problems with the mud.

While we were in the village reinstalling the hydrogenerator, David, Jason, and Elizabeth went to talk to the family of the sick little girl, Noemi, who we are trying to help. She was staying with someone else while her parents worked in the coffee fields on the other side of a nearby mountain. Someone called someone else and passed along the message that we were looking for her parents, and they ran back to the village, taking only an hour to do what normally takes two, and would take me three.

We brought her family back to La Ceiba to see doctors, but that meant David, Ryan, and the other David had to hike back via the suspension bridge, get a ride from a local farmer, and then catch the bus at the main road. So David had quite the adventure for his 12th birthday! When he got home, The M had decorated the house and our friend Bridgette had baked him a cake! For dinner, I cooked David's favorite chicken dish, and tried to cook plantains to go with it. Some of the plantains were burned, some were mushy, but some were OK. I need more practice.

I am so pround of the man David is becoming! He has such great character, a generous and sensitive heart, and is a blessing to many people, including myself. I am happy he is with me for this time in Honduras, and I'm glad he was able to have an adventure on his birthday.

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Let me be the first to say, Happy Birthday, David!" God bless you and the work you are doing there with your Dad...