Friday, August 8, 2008

Noemi's Surgery

It looks like Noemi, the six-year-old girl from Pueblo Nuevo with a double hernia, will be well enough for surgery next Monday. We are planning to bring her family into the city on that day. She was too sick for surgery last time. Her mother told us it was a virus, but it turns out that it was a pretty severe virus: Dengue Fever.

But she is passed that now, and smiles much more frequently, as you might imagine. I taught her how to give me five and I think she likes me. This is the best picture I have of her; sorry you can't see better.

The surgery is going to cost about $750, and putting the family in a hotel and helping them with other miscellaneous costs might be another $50. I have had several folks tell me they want to contribute, and the total of these "email donations" is about $370. That leaves us about $430 short. Send me an email if you want to contribute. This is the final call... probably.

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