Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday's Progress

We have been going all-out for the last six days, trying to get the project complete in time. Today was pay day for the employees, and this made me feel more like we were a real company somehow. Sorry, no benefits guys.

The canal team (Ryan and Jonathan) finished their concrete work and began the installation of the big honkin' tubes. It looks like a double-barrel shotgun to me. Take aim at poverty. OK, that was corny.

Casita de Poder - the powerhouse. I worked in there for several hours today. It was really hot and humid and I was sweating like only a middle aged fat guy can. But it was worth it because by the end of the day, the inverter was making 120 Volts just like it was supposed to. We got the master breakers installed and were able to successfully charge batteries using the diesel generator. Next step, hydrogenerator.
AJ and Elizabeth worked with the village guys (Santiago, Walter, and Adolfo) to install power poles and string wire. They have now run about 2000 feet of it.

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Totally Consumed said...

Wow, you guys are making some serious progress. Keep up the good work!