Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sergio's Calls

Today during church my phone vibrated six times. It was Sergio, the in-city employee we have to help our village electricity system in Danta Uno, Honduras. It seems that there was a lot of rain and lightning recently, and that, presumably, the lighting has caused some problems with the system.

Techno-speak: The inverter is displaying a strange error message. I suppose it can't be too bad, or the inverter wouldn't be doing anything. End techno-speak.

Sooo... Ryan and I are going to Honduras Tuesday! We were thinking about going anyway because of a conference being held in the city of Copan. See It's a conference for all kinds of non-profits, ministries, and organizations involved in working with the poor in Honduras.

We will spend some time in Danta Uno helping them with their technical problem, and guiding some finishing construction touches that need to be done. And we will also be there for the end of the first billing cycle, an important time. And in the middle of it we will attend the conference.

My next post could be from Honduras!


Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

God speed...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Post pics when you get back. I am a new reader, excited to sift through your blog!