Saturday, October 18, 2008

Books A Meeleeon

When Jono was younger he would pronounce the word million more like "meeleeon" rhyming with "really on". Last night the whole family went to Books A Million to browse books and magazines. Despite reminiscing about the meeleeon laughs we used to have, I was disappointed.

First I looked for a magazine on alternative energy called Home Power. They didn't have it. They did have thousands of other magazines on subjects as diverse as remodeling, knitting, and personal fitness. But after spending twenty minutes looking for it I finally asked an employee. We don't carry that. OK, I said, how about books on alternative energy? I was hoping to find something on solar power, biogas, wind power, and micro hydro power. The girl led me to the Green Living section where they had Solar Power for Dummies and something else. But most of the books were about organic eating, recycling, or living off the land. I thought alternative energy was a hot topic. Are my interests really less common than knitters? I think not, what with Al Gore and the price of oil and all. Where were the good books?

In the Green Living section, I used my camera phone to take a picture of the two books below.

The first book implores you to keep your junk and reuse it for something else. Make wind chimes out of your naval lint, that kind of thing. The second book was about throwing it out and getting organized. I was confused by these mixed signals. So I went home and threw away all our food so I could reuse our refrigerator as a planter box. The M told me I could reuse the couch as a bed.


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hmm...confusion at its finest :-)

mightybob said...

fits to a T the raging junk war inherent in type "A" personality packrats such as myself...