Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coming Home

We spent the last day in the village and it was good. The inverter is not working, but we have the back up system in place. We will be ordering replacement parts when we get back to the US. We took it apart yesterday and took pictures. It has some big honkin capacitors and some weird stuff I couldn't identify. Que es esta? No se. Cosa grande.

Here is the status: the diesel generator will be turned on from 6 to 9 PM every day. It feeds the grid, so the user won't be able to tell a difference. Buying enough diesel fuel to make this happen will, unfortunately, not be sustainable because we will not collect enough to recover our employee salaries and the fuel. But with $50-100 per month, we can keep it going until we get the inverter repaired.

We also fixed a fuse problem and reconfigured the batteries (for 12 volts) so that we can put a "trickle charger" on them. Every time the generator is powered up, it will charge them a bit. That way they won't loose charge and die prematurely.

The exciting news is that Adolfo has begun a pulperia in his house, and is selling a few things like snacks and groceries. He has plans to buy a cooler so he can sell cold drinks and ice! That is the kind of entrepreneurship we are hoping to see. It will likely help us attract more donors too.

Tomorrow we drive to San Pedro Sula and fly home. I am supposed to arrive sometime after 10 PM after connecting through Houston.

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