Friday, October 10, 2008

Fairly Expensive, Fairly Fun

The boys got some kind of coupons at school recently that enabled them to get into the fair. They were as excited as I was apprehensive. I feel defensive and on guard at these things, like there are lots of folks who want to take my money and/or steal my children. I opted for the former. I find these fairs to be something akin to the lottery: they promise more than they deliver, and they feed off of the poor.

I didn't have my camera, so I took pictures with my cell phone. I think they're kinda cool and trendy, like a movie shot with a giggly camera.

Here are some of the rides at the midway. Why is it called the midway, anyway?

I didn't get on this one on account of puking being not fun.

Jono and I rode several rides together. He enjoyed the bumper cars and the hall of mirrors, but the goes-up-and-down rides he was not so fond of. Well, actually, he liked them once he got off, but not while he was still riding!

Waiting in line for bumper cars.

We told David he could bring a friend. Although we were expecting a guy, we all had a great time with his friend Katie. She was fun and polite and confident and we like her.

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