Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Friend Sally

It must have been something we ate. The M and Jono are pretty sick. The doctor thinks it's, brace yourself, salmonella! I have started calling The M "Sally" at home. She thinks it's funny, but the fever has impaired her judgement.

The M's doc gave her some antibiotics, but Jono's pediatrician said it would be better to let him fight off the infection without them because there is a small chance that treating salmonella with antibiotics will leave you as a carrier for the disease. And that makes you have to wait longer to buy a handgun. Or something.

Do you know there is a salmonella blog? It's true: http://www.salmonellablog.com/. And speaking of salmonella, what's with the pronunciation? If it's a fish, we call a salmon a sa-mon, but if it's a bacteria we call it saLmon- ella? What is that, some kind of Spanish? Salmon-eya? Que? No comprendo.

Where did they get it, you ask? Not sure. We cooked scrambled eggs at home Sunday morning and fried chicken from a-store-that-will-remain-nameless-on-account-of-lawsuits, for dinner with some other families. So far, they are the only two that got sick. It may remain a mystery until the end of time.


Anonymous said...

It may be the fever, but I absolutely LOVE these kind of blogs. Keep them coming honey!!

The M

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

BUMMER! And the only thing I can say about the pronunciation thing is - it's a medical term - so probably Latin based?! don't know about the fish - can't help ya!

Redlefty said...

Stinky. Sorry, gang. Get better quickly!