Saturday, December 27, 2008

Golfing Birthday Cake: Jono Turns Eight

The family tradition around Orangehouse is that I bake the boys' birthday cakes based on the theme they suggest. In the past, I have made cakes in the shape of a volcano, a brontosaurus, Yoda, and a map of Central America, but haven't we all? Based on a new Wii-inspired interest in golf, I suggested that Jono's 8-year-old birthday cake be about golfing. He agreed. No, he did not grow a mustache at age 8. He is merely licking the bowl. You can see that while the cake was cooking, he got a haircut. Compare the pictures above and below.

Here we see the birthday boy and the golf cake! It has a fairway, a rough, a hole, a flag, and a ball. I got a ball out of my golf bag, washed it, and put a little antibacterial goo on it before plopping it in the green icing.

I cut the hole with a little round gizmo made for cooking eggs into little sandwich-ready hockey pucks. The rough is shredded coconut with green food coloring.

What other number golf ball can you have on your eighth birthday?

The M made me pose with my artwork.

After the "Happy Birthday" was sung and the candles were extinguished by a rapid and sudden increase in the oxygen-to-fuel mixture at their points of combustion, Jono either had a momentary migraine headache or an excitement-induced need to squeeze his head. In either case, it soon passed and we all ate delicious cake! Fore!

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