Monday, December 22, 2008

Hannah and her sister Ryan

Yesterday was commencement at Baylor and several of my student friends began a new chapter in their lives. Anna, Brittany, Chris, Elisa, and Ryan, all of whom you will find stories about on this blog, received their degrees yesterday. Among the five of them, they got two undergraduate degrees, and five Masters degrees. Slackers.

I also got to meet Brittany's family for the first time, and also Ryan's. They were delightful, all. Hannah, Ryan's sister, was also there. She is a "follower" of this blog and one of only a handful that I had not yet met in person. Being a follower means you pay an exorbitant fee to get little notifications when I post something new. It also means, and this is the best part, that you get to display a little icon image to represent yourself - right on my blog! I love the followers feature, and every so often some new sucker - I mean connoisseur of blogospheric literature - will become a follower, much to the delight of my virtual ego.

Hannah's icon is just a gray silhouette like some anonymous turncoat in the federal witness protection program. Until yesterday, I figured that either she: A) had a secret identity that required her continual anonymity, like a super hero or an under cover narc, or B) she really was just a gray silhouette. Turns out it's neither.

At this point you might expect me to explain WHY she hasn’t posted a photo, or an avatar, or a little piece of clip art, or something. That would be the natural progression of the preceding paragraphs, the climax of the story, the big belch after guzzling a soda, the shinny new bicycle brought out of the back room on Christmas morning after all the other lesser presents had been opened, etc. etc..

But then you might not check the blog tomorrow to find out...

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Grrrr. You got me. I was going to sign off as "your follower with the biggest face," but then I saw that someone else has that giant eye! Eeek!