Saturday, January 31, 2009

Famous Amy

One of my former engineering students, now a friend of our family and all-around great person, is working with wind turbines at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado. She was recently mentioned in a story by Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology.

"... Focusing on energy allows Bowen to work on another passion: energy systems for developing countries. As a student she worked in Africa twice when a professor invited her to work on a project there. During the first year, her group designed a system using solar panels and LED lights at a school for the deaf. The second year, they redesigned the lights and the system using a wind turbine with a solar panel backup. “I learned how valuable this technology is for countries without reliable utilities,” she says."

That was me that she went to Africa with, Kenya to be specific. After our second trip, I wrote a rather long article on the wind turbine project we did in the Nairobi slum known as Kibera. You can read the whole story here if you have insomnia or are stalking me.

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