Monday, January 19, 2009


With the new year I have made some changes to my appearance. I am in the process of leaving my glasses in the past and switching to contacts. I have also grown tired of shaving my head, so I am letting my hair grow in for the first time in four years or so. I'm still kicking around those earings, and even an eyebrow ring, as one of my students suggested. The M says no.

With all these new looks, it seemed appropriate to refresh the look of the blog as well. I have been trying a few different photos and color schemes and getting feedback from you, the readers. In fact, a week or so back I created a survey for readers to vote by sending in text messages to cast their votes. This was, frankly, a remarkably cool and cutting-edge thing to do on a blog. But, alas, most of my readers are - how do I say this gently? - too old to know how to text. Of the four votes I received (and one was my own) the results were, at best, inconclusive. What I did get, however, was a few comments expressing a mild preference for the tropical look.

So I changed the blog again. The header photo was taken along a very rough and remote "road" en route to the Honduran village Pueblo Nuevo, where we did some work last summer. To evaluate this new look, I have created a new poll. This time you don't have to text your preference, you can simply click it. I look forward to your feedback, comments, wise cracks, and so on.

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I'm going to say I like this one...since you asked.

I could also say I don't like change, so...stop changing.

I would also agree with M...don't get the brow piercing. Nobody needs "a little sparkle" (as my m-i-l says) on their eyebrow.