Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "Go See It" at the Firestation

Jono's Tiger Scouts visited the fire station on Valentines day. The boys thought it was pretty cool. The ladder truck was on display and the boys got to see the ladder go up and down and around.

I was surprised the ladder could be positioned horizontally off to the side of the truck. The truck had automatic feet that went out to the sides to keep it from flipping over.

Jono and Zach are watching the ladder go up to its full height.

The firemen were reading the owner's manual of the truck and it said to change the oil every three months or three thousand miles. So they drove it down to Lube Dude and popped the hood.

Fireman: "And here is where we keep the chopping axes in case we need to chop a hole in the wall of your house."
Boys: "Cool!"
Fireman: "Here's where we turn on the bubbles for the Jacuzzi."
Boys: "Really?"

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