Monday, February 2, 2009

Weird Night Pains in Jono's Legs

"Honey, wake up! Jono's crying." This is what my four AM sounded like two Thursdays ago. He was in a lot of pain; his leg was very sore and it hurt to move it. The pain was camping out in the bend of his thigh/hip. When he tried to walk into our bedroom, he said his leg "collapsed". Mr. Vocabulary.

He had a 102.5 degree fever. We gave him some ibuprofen to relieve his pain and knock down his fever. He fell asleep in our bed as The M and I looked at each other with concern and confusion. He felt fine by morning. The next day we took him to the doctor and he looked him up and down to see if he had a hernia of some kind, but everything came back negative. No hernia, no kidney stones, no alien abduction evidence. Nothing more...

until the next Thursday night, when it happened again. This time there was no fever, but the TNT Pain (Thursday Night Thigh) was back. This time the doctor ordered an ultrasound with a voice only audible to dogs. Of course, the pain was gone again the next day, slipping back into the aether from whence it came. We're waiting to hear back from the radiologist.

Jono liked the ultrasound. He said his insides looked "bubbly" and messy. He thought it was pretty cool. The ultrasound technician was charmed, of course.


Redlefty said...

Hmm.. maybe don't rule out the alien thing.

I had a sharp, explosive pain about a half-dozen times as a young teen, right at the top of the thigh/hip. Like I was shot. The instances were spread out over several weeks, and the pain went away quickly each time.

Bodies are weird. Hope everything comes back okay.

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

"Bodies are weird" - HUGE ditto on that one! And this coming from a nurse - couldn't state it any better! Keep us posted!