Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cub Scout Baseball Night

BATTER UP! This evening Jono's Cub Scout den attended a college baseball game between Baylor University and University of Texas at Arlington. With his new-found interest in baseball, Jono had a great time. There were only a couple hundred people in attendance, so we could choose seats right at first base!

This is a fancy picture that I took as the sun was going down. Yes, I know, I'm a pretty amazing photographer.

Behind the park is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Brazos river.

FOUL! This foul ball landed a few seats over from us, and the college students who caught it felt the intense cuteness pressure of Jono in his Cub Scout uniform, so they gave the ball to him! It was the highlight of his night!

By the eighth inning, he was getting restless, so we took a walk down to lonely left field. Man, these fields are big compared to the little league!
At some point in this wonderful evening with my youngest son, I realized something about the game of baseball. I think I like it. Why did it take me 41 years to figure this out, you may ask? I think because my exposure to the game has been limited to little league and one pro team. That team was the Houston Astros in the 1970's when they still played in the Astrodome. Have you ever been to the Astrodome? You sit about a mile away from the players. They are small. You can't tell one from another. You can't hear the crack of the bat or the pop of the ball hitting the catcher's mit. You can't watch the sun go down or feel the wind.

I hear people talk about loving baseball parks, but I could never relate until tonight. A small park is a good thing. It ranks up there with doing something special with your son, or taking home a foul ball.

Oh yes, Baylor won 10 to 7.


majorleague007 said...

Aha! You've been enlightened! 'Tis the best sport that is or ever shalt be, in my opinion.

PIT Crew trip to the Ballpark in Arlington? You wanna talk about an amazing stadium... and yes, I completely agree with you about the Astrodome. Minute Maid, on the other hand, is a very neat place.

David_Fait said...

I agree with Greg; America's Pastime and the best sport in the world. An Astros game would be best. (Maybe Astros vs. Rangers)

David_Fait said...

Oh, and isn't that the pedestrian bridge over the Baylor Marina?

Redlefty said...

I hope between my 3yo son and my unborn son due in September, one of them takes to the game like Jono!

Anonymous said...

Ken and I grew up going to the Astrodome. Now we take our kids once a year to Minute Maid Park to watch the Astros play. I highly recommend going there over the Astrodome. It's so much fun and way better than a Ranger's game. My opinion only.