Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Gig for Engineers with a Mission

Engineers with a Mission is expanding to become a 501(c)3 organization. That means we are applying for a status with the IRS to be able to receive tax-deductible donations to support our work. What work is that? To provide engineering support to community development projects and Christian missions efforts around the world. And we may have a new gig...

The president of our organization, Leah Richter, a former student of mine, has connections with a missions organization called To Every Tribe. They do a lot of work in a very special place: Papua New Guinea. They need some help with a solar panel design and deployment at a remote building on an island off the coast of PNG called Chambri Island. You can't even find it on Google Earth, so it must be tiny. The approximate location is shown by the question mark.

As if PNG is not remote enough, this location is on the tiny Chambri Island out there somewhere... The large land mass at the bottom left is the north-east corner of Australia.

This is the building under construction. Looks like it's being built in the traditional PNG style on stilts and with open air ventilation on each end. I know this 'cause I watch the Discovery Channel.

This time I can't go. Insert sad face emoticon here. Since I can't go, I am recruiting other engineers and/or upper level students who might want to go spend 2-4 weeks there this summer. Want to go?

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Anonymous said...

i am trying to talk Warren into going. Will you send more info like cost, dates, etc? He'll be in Waco at training June 15-26--maybe you all can talk more then?

cousin amber