Friday, June 5, 2009

Be The Burger

Central Texas never seemed so cool in June before. I was out today in my car without air conditioning, and it was in the lower 90's, and I thought it was nuthin'. Bring it on. My last two weeks in May were spent in Honduras. It seemed hotter than normal this year, which could be because I usually go in the June-August time frame, after the rains have started. This year it only rained one day during the two weeks we were there. This made the roads easier, but the heat was way up.

In fact, it reminded me of my trips to Venus. OK, not really. When I put on sunscreen, it smoked. OK, not really. But in truth, I lost 13 pounds in 14 days, and I think I sweat it off. You know how hamburgers on the grill get smaller after the fat melts off? That was me. Well done.

In the picture below you can see that my shirt was soaked and sticking to me like I had been in the rain or something. I think I drank over 4 liters of water that day.

The day I took this picture I was walking around the village, Pueblo Nuevo, with a map we created. The map showed where all the power lines are supposed to go, but the map didn't have all the roads and foot paths shown on it. So I was walking around sketching the roads and foot paths when these two boys, Darwin and Jami (pronounced Hi-me) joined me. They started chatting to me in Spanish, seemingly unaware of my inability to speak much of it. Surprisingly, I could understand much of what they said.

Perhaps it is because their vocabulary is simpler than the adults', or perhaps they speak slower and clearer, but I could follow these boys pretty well. We had deep, meaningful discussions about how old they were and how many brothers and sisters they had. I would ask them who lives in that house, or which path do we take to get to that house. They were so glad to help me - I think it made them feel important.

Isn't this just like all of us? God is doing the work, but we get to follow him around and take part. It makes us feel important, but it's really him doing the work. Except I don't know if God sweats.

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Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

Dude - be assured that the time you were here has been the HOTTEST this year yet! This is our one year anniversary, so I can speak from experience on this! It's cooled down just a bit, but still hot and humid!