Saturday, June 27, 2009

Entrepreneurial Fun in the Sun

Are you kidding me with this heat? Is this Al Gore's fault? Every day for the last seven days it has been over 100 degrees here in central Texas. Take a look at the map below. See the place that's about to burst into flames? That's my house.
To help the kids (and the grass) deal with the heat, I considered a moment from my own past. When I was a kid I decided to go buy some PVC pipe and build my own fountains in the back yard. So the other day I packed the boys in the van (with the new AC!) and we went to Home Depot to buy some pipes. To the untrained eye, they look like plumbing supply, but to those who have been enlightened, they are art supplies!

Here is the sculpture we call "The Scorpion". We build the pipes into the configuration that we imagine, then hook up the water hose and it becomes a fountain! The boys, especially Jono, played with it for hours. He rebuilt it over and over again like Legos crossed with a water gun. David and I brainstormed about how to start a business selling kits of PVC, including our special secret modifications, to other kids in the neighborhood. Entrepreneurs in training!

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