Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Interactions with the Locals

This little guy had to crawl up on my hood to wash my windows at the gas station. He didn't do a very good job, but I cut him some slack because I imagined the hood was rather warm!

This is Blaine with Mr. Gomez, Sergio, and Adolfo (clockwise from 3 PM). Mr. Gomez and Adolfo are tasked with promoting the use of electricity in the villages for income-earning activities. They are entrepreneurs in their own right. Mr. Gomez has a fish farm and Adolfo has a general store. Sergio was there to learn about business principles and translate.

This is my favorite lady in Danta Uno. She is one of the oldest around, and she knows my name. She has lots of flowers in her yard, including bougainvilleas. She has the high cheek bones of the Mayan blood line, and I like to imagine that she is exotic like that.

I caught this one of Liz with the school girls. She was asking them about their classes and their studies and encouraging them to work hard in school. I imagine that a Spanish-speaking, female college student is a bit of a role model for them.

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