Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Honduran non-coup

"I say 'Obama, let's go Obama! Let's work truly together to promote peace! But I hope, hope, hope to God ... that Obama could become the instigator for a process of internal change."
- Hugo Chávez, socialist leader of Venezuela, in his address to the United Nations, September 23, 2009

Are you, like me, dumbfounded at the Obama administration's position on Honduras? Do you wonder why they still refer to the outing of former President Zelaya as a "coup" when the Honduran Supreme Court, the Honduran Congress, and members of Zelaya's own political party have clearly shown that under the Honduran Constitution, Zelaya's own actions terminated his presidency? Do you wonder when Hilary Clinton became a higher authority in interpreting Honduran law than the Honduran Supreme Court???

The answer, seems to me, to fall into one of two logical positions. Either
1) Obama and Clinton are unaware of the facts, or
2) Obama and Clinton are choosing to ignore the facts for some other reason.

I find option one, ignorance of the facts, extremely unlikely on account of the emails I have sent the State Department explaining it to them. And if those didn't make it clear, perhaps the recent report by the Constitutional Research Service could offer a "serious legal review of the facts". Please, please read Mary O'Grady's recent article on this subject from where I borrowed the above political cartoon.

So it must be option number two. They are ignoring the facts for some other reason. Surely, it must be a good one. The evidence points to a political reason. Obama has chosen to put the rule of law on the back burner in favor of courting post-Bush political favor with the likes of Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, and Raul Castro.
And judging by today's quote by Chávez, he's doing pretty well.

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