Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Fest Pics

Jono's school recently had its annual Fall Festival fundraiser. The M is not just "a member" of the PTA, but this year she is some kind of officer. This means she does a lot of work for no money. She's not the boss of the PTA, you understand, but she's very involved. You could say she's sorta a bridesmaid of the PTA, or the assistant manager of the PTA. They are thinking about calling it the PT&MA.

[The M having fun with her friend Susan.
The stripy shirt was part of her uniform for the evening.]

At any rate, thanks in part to her hard work, the festival was a success. Unfortunately, it took her about a week to recover, having thrown out her back making posters and doing other crafty activities in the days preceding.

One of her roles is that of "Historian" which means she's supposed to take pictures of stuff that goes on at school throughout the year. I was delighted to help her out in this respect and walk around snapping pics of the folks. I have attached a few of my favorites with which to solicit complements and feed my ego.

[Face painting is a time honored festival activity.]

[The soccer goal event was a kick!]

[And "Baseball Extreme" was a hit!]

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