Saturday, May 1, 2010

Return to the Blogosphere!

Hello people! The rumors that I no longer blog but only Twitter and update my Facebook page are vicious lies from those bent on discrediting the fine name of Orangehouse. You may be wondering where I have been. More likely, you haven't noticed that I have been gone. More likely still, no one is ever going to read this. I can only say that I have been busy and that when I do sit down to write, I end up staring at the blank page and thinking about all the things I should be doing...

Here's a story about our family trip to Cameron Park last weekend. We played soccer and baseball and David and I rode our bikes on some of the trails that run beside the confluence of the Bosque and Brazos rivers. We have been talking about doing this for a year or so, and last weekend the weather was perfect. As we rode on the beautiful trail we noticed the river level was up from the recent rains. After about two miles, the trail dipped down and was covered by a swollen inlet from the river.

It didn't look very deep, so I suggested that David ride across first to test the waters. He easily powered across the inlet; the water was only about a foot deep. He got his shoes a little wet, but had no problem getting across. After reaching the other side he saw a sign that warned of falling rocks. Since I didn't really want to get my feet wet, I called him back across the inlet. "Let's go back" I said, as I started to pull my phone/camera.

Suddenly, his entire front tire plunged into the water and he flew over the handlebars into the river!

The above photo is about two seconds after he went in head first. He scrambled out of the water and left his bike. You can see the back tire sticking up in the next picture. It looks like a floating log or a piece of debris.
So it turns out the inlet was deeper than we thought. Soon we deduced that the first time David rode across (without a problem) HE RODE ON A SUBMERGED BRIDGE! Coming back across he wasn't so lucky and rode off the side of the bridge. Surprise!

Happy for the adventure, and soaking wet, I made him pose for another picture where the two rivers meet. Hoop dee doo.


majorleague007 said...

I read your blog and was wondering when it was coming back. You have some readers!

Redlefty said...

Heh, you're not so lucky yet to have lost your readers. We're still here to pester and haunt you with guilt as you go another month without posting.