Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Team Building in Honduras

On our first full day in Honduras, the Engineers with a Mission team went to Rio Congrejal for (mild) white water rafting and team building! I took this picture of a Macaw, the national bird of Honduras, that lives at the Jungle River Lodge on the river near La Ceiba.

Our team consists of John, Lance, Aimie, Rachel, William, Jon, and Isaac (on the back row) and Diana, Renée, Kathleen, and Ben (on the front row). Everyone was excited but a little nervous before the three hour trek in the world famous river. Sic 'Em Bears.

Every body lived and was wet, tired, and hungry afterwards. More importantly, the team came together significantly through the event, which was part of my plan! Later that day, on the way to El Progresso, our bus broke down. The U joint in the drive shaft failed, but we were able to get to a mechanic. We were on the road in about an hour and a half more, but in the meantime we played games on the side of the road and continued to come together as a team. Things are going well so far.


Toni Solomon said...
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Toni Solomon said...

Hi, this is lovely. I am Cathy from Jungle River Lodge. Would you please allow me to use this photo of our beloved Guara on our website. We have a facebook page and it would be great if you would post some shots on it for me. Look for un as Jungle River, Oscar Perez
Cathy and Oscar

Orangehouse said...

Hi Cathy,
It would be fine if you used the image from the blog. Thanks for the good times at Jungle River Lodge!