Monday, March 21, 2011

Disapointment Part 3

I think the worst is past, but then again, maybe I am in the eye of the hurricane. I am no longer discouraged about not being selected for the Faculty-in-Residence position. One reason why is I realized that I made a strategic error in the interview process. It's hard to be mad when you realize it's your fault.  I overestimated the leeway I would have in this position.  I sold myself as X, but they wanted X+Y.  I told them I was a comfortable chair and a great radio, and they said "fine, but we want a car that actually drives".  There are reasons I had this misunderstanding, but I won't go into that anymore.

There is, however, another reason I am no longer discouraged. And this reason is a more dangerous reason. I am more likely to feel the sting of rejection again by pursuing this Reason Number Two, but I am pursuing it anyway, because I feel called and compelled to do so.  Reason number two is...

I have applied for a second Faculty-in-Residence position that is not affiliated with the engineering dorm!  Today I had the interview and I think it went well, although there are many applicants for this spot because it is open to faculty from any department all over the university. I know what you're saying.  What is he thinking?!?! Didn't he he just get through moaning and complaining about not getting the first position?  Yes, yes I did.  Maybe I am crazy. Or maybe I am some other adjective that I can't think of at the moment.

Is this some kind of rebound dating phenomenon?  Am I grasping at straws, you ask?  I don't think so. I really like this "girl".  We have a lot in common.  I think we could be an item, you might say.  And while I'm not comfortable giving you any details yet, I think this second Faculty-in-Residence position may be even better suited to our family than the first one.  It is an opportunity to enjoy community life, be surrogate parents to 350 college students, reach out to the struggling and hurting, and maybe, just maybe, spend even more time overseas during the summer months helping to bring about the Kingdom of God.

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