Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Run Dog Run

Since we moved out of our house a couple of months ago, we have had to adjust the way we take care of the dogs. Now we live in a downtown apartment so the dogs no longer have a yard in which to run. We tried to make them use the treadmill but they ended up just piling their dirty clothes on it. We take them out on a leash several times a day to do their business.  And a few times a week we take them down to a local field and let them romp.

[This is Fern. She's a poodle-mutt that runs and jumps like a gazelle. She is so fast it makes us laugh to watch her.  Sometimes she runs with her mouth open which makes her look like she's smiling.]

[Maggie is a Cocker Spaniel. We didn't realize what a brid-lovin' dog she was until we moved downtown and saw her go crazy for the grackles.  She whimpers with excitement when she sees them!  Sometimes we take her over to the Brazos river and she tries to get the ducks.]

[They often run together but Fern is much faster than Maggie. What is really hilarious is sometimes they will be on a collision course and Fern will jump over Maggie at the last second. Sproing! I like this picture because Maggie's ears are flopping and her back paws look cute.]

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