Monday, December 3, 2007

Cat Disciples

Today I hypnotized the kittens with a feather and a tinkle bell. At first they chased it on the ground, but then I moved it from side to side over them, they all moved their heads back and forth in unison like some kind of feline tennis match. I enjoyed a drunken moment of Machiavellian-style power before having the sober realization that my children follow me like these kittens.

Every day they are watching me, learning good habits and bad. And not just my children, my students are watching me too. Heaven help them all.

Tonight I was having Jono read to me. We chose "Hop on Pop" and he read it pretty well. Then we got to "Thing thing, that thing can sing" which he read "Thang thang, that thang can sing". What's worse is I didn't even notice at first! Where did he learn to talk like that? Probably from his mother.

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