Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boy's Night Out

The boys and I went to a BU basketball game tonight. I think Jono's favorite part was riding the bus from the parking lot! They were playing the #6 team, Washington State. The Ferrell Center was packed and the crowd was very crazy-loud. Though we led for most of the game, in the last few minutes they overtook us and we lost by three points. Sad face emoticon. We had fun, though; we should do that more often.

I was reminded of the light saber fights we had a few years ago. I love this picture. The boys got light sabers and jedi capes for Christmas.

Before the game I had a group of students over for dinner to talk about a trip to Uganda we are planning for next summer. As we sat down to eat I said to one of them, "John, will you offer thanks for our food please?" and to my surprise my little Jono thought I was talking to him and said "sure". Before I could say anything he started the cutest little prayer. I can't even remember what he said because I was so shocked that he would do that in front of everyone. We all exchanged looks after the "Amen" to acknowledge we had just witnessed something special.

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