Saturday, December 1, 2007

Milkish Camping in the Living Room

The photo is of an accident that happened in Papua New Guinea when a tanker truck full of diet soda overturned near the world's largest mentos mine. Well, not really. It's just eye candy to keep you coming back to read more. Blogging for Dummies says I should use lots of pictures to keep readers happy and engaged.

The boys and I put up the Christmas tree today. Tonight they are sleeping on their camping pads with sleeping bags in front of the tree. As I write this they are laying in their sleeping bags reading books.

Earlier D said his stomach hurt and that it "felt like the milk had given him indigestion" and that he was feeling "milkish". I couldn't help laughing out loud at "milkish". A couple of Tums and all was better. Next time I'll give him mentos.

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