Friday, November 30, 2007

Mood Altering Feline Friends (MAFF)

Gracie the cat had five kittens in our closet. That was six weeks ago. Now they are about as cute as anything you can image. When I get home from work I play with the kittens; they make me laugh as they tumble over each other and pounce on feathers and strings. They nibble on my fingers and sniff my ears which tickles. They crawl up my pants legs like a squirrel climbs a tree. In a bad mood? Kittens help. Sad or lonely? Kittens help. Have cancer or being held at gunpoint? Well, kittens can't help you there, sorry.
We're going to keep the only male. We named him Henry. Henry the kitten is bigger than the rest and likes to grapple his sisters and pull them to the ground. Then he bites them and pummels them with his hind legs. He's a bruiser. He knows kung-fu. He sleeps in my lap. It makes me happy.
Tomorrow a friend comes to adopt two of them. Tonight the boys cried because they are going to miss them. Goodbye little friends.

I'm not sure who has more hair, me or the cats!

This one had a spot on her nose so we called her "Booger". Never mind the cat pee on the wall behind her. Sorry you had to see that.

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