Monday, November 26, 2007

Guitar George

One day last August I was with a team of engineering students in a remote Honduran village called Pueblo Nuevo. We were there to install a "pico-hydro" generator, a very small hydroelectric generator using water from a nearby mountain stream. On normal days we would commute back to a nearby city (about 90 minutes' drive) to stay at a hotel there.
One day we got caught in the rain which made the rutted, rocky, mountain roads impossible to pass. In fact, we had to abandon our 4-wheel drive SUV and walk about 45 minutes back to the village in the rain. It was rather miserable. We slept at the little church there and the next morning we got up with the dawn.
Early that morning, John found a guitar kept at the church and started playing to himself in an informal, spontaneous, private worship time. Though it was a bit intrusive, I couldn't resist taking this picture with another student's disposable camera. I think it captured the moment well.

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